welcome to the radiospace.

this is my (tj's) personal corner of the net.

you'll probably see stuff here about meteorology, animation, computers, radio or anything else i feel like going on about.

this site is hosted using neocities. thanks for 24k views by the way. much appreciated.

i should probably fill up the space here until i add some actual content......but i don't really know what to say. sorry

also, you may notice tips are enabled (if you are viewing on neocities). these are not encouraged, they are just a generous thing to do if you enjoy the content of the site. do what you want lol

this site sees quite a lot of frequent visitors (by my standards). thank you for sticking for thousands of updates and long periods of inactivity. promise you this site will have something to offer soon enough

My friend Logan in Computer Science class wanted me to put something here so he could see it being edited in real time. This one is for you Logan